Restoring Sales: Transforming Business Models

Metamorphosis – a change of the form or nature of a thing or person into a completely different one, by natural or supernatural means. Whether a significant economic event like COVID-19, the Great Recession, or asset ‘bubble’, the natural or supernatural climate change forces metamorphosis upon our business strategies. But the companies that embrace a […]

Could Interest Rate Be The Least Important Factor In Acquiring New Equipment?

What’s the interest rate? It’s like buying a new lawn mower and asking who manufactured the spark plug. Don’t get us wrong, the mower doesn’t run without it so the importance is obvious, but are you really concerned with it? When acquiring new commercial equipment, interest rate is important…just not as important as many business […]

The Great Divide Between Equipment Sales Teams And Customers

Only 19% of commercial equipment sales teams offer a payment with the first quote 78% of business look for financing when making commercial equipment purchases Zig Ziglar, the famous sales mentor and author, once said that if you want sell more “talk about money first”.  You may think as a finance company, of course we’d […]

Don’t Get Trapped Into Financing A Small Ticket Purchase The Wrong Way

Sometimes as a small business owner, you need a $5400 trailer, a $9000 screen printing machine, or three laptops for $3100. To think that all smaller businesses have this cash on hand all the time is asking a bit much, so financing becomes a viable option. Unfortunately, the option most people choose isn’t very good […]